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Rebekah Madrid

First pitch of 2012, as seen from the conference room of Brown & Company

First pitch 2012

I’m so lucky to work at Brown & Company, where I can watch the season opener in the conference room…


An A-Rod ball…


Twitter is faster…

So follow me at the right of this page… That’s where my rapier wit will be channeled…


He got it in the basket!

Okay, so REALLY he hit a homer, but the 3-year old I’m hangin’ with gets a little confused about sports.

Important: we’re up 5-2 over the Yanks!

Anyone for some peanuts?

‘Cuz that was some SALTY GOODNESS right there! Go Jar-rod! Whoa, now ‘Coby! That’s my boy. Show ’em what you used to be!


What the Smurf is going on now? Come onnnnn Gonzo, do it ag’in!


Gonzo knocks it GONZO! Buh-bye! Two-run homer to pull the Sox into the lead! Yeeeah! No outs, cue momentum shift NOW!